A Pork Barrel o' Vids That'll Put Lippy on Yer Sus Scrofa Statesmen

Put some Sus scrofa on a spit and some Canadian bacon on the fryer and then bust out your lip-paint (or manstick) and get ready to watch some wild-boar political comedy flicks, ya Captain Cookers and Hogzillas...

Barack Obama responds to the "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" controversy:

McCain uses the same phrase in an earlier speech, referring to plans by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats:

Dick Cheney busts out the same "You can put lipstick on a pig" joke, this time aimed at John Kerry:

A grand overview of "You can put lipstick on a pig" usage in modern politics, starting with Obama and working backwards:

Matt Damon (of "Team America: World Police" fame), denounces Vice-Presidential contender Sarah Palin (yo! new respect for The Damon, everybody):

Jon Stewart gives us a "Daily Show" rundown on John McCain's amazing career and McCain's speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC):

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Anonymous said...


Hello, my name is Chester Reagan Hamm. I'm a 36-year-old Caucasian male, and I'd like to start a new political/entertainment website called "Red State Rules!"

Here's a sample entry. Please tell me if you're entertained:

6:52am- got up late, going 2 get chocolate milk I left from behind the bed. i think its still drinkable.

7:43am- sometimes i wish i could go to new york, take a cab to that rockerfeller place and bitchslap the liberul biass out of al roker's big fat mouth. he really makes the weather too political at times. saved by the bell's on commercial anyway

10:21am- my good bro todd (goes by username: frodo99) just sent me some photos of kerry and edwards photoshopped like they're that gay cartoon duo on saturday night live. i might put it up on the website. i dunno. is 2004 still funny?

11:01am- wish i could make a video cutting pow footage of johnnie mac with clips from braveheart.like the bit where braveheart guy screams FREEDOM! and have it sound like its coming out of johnnie mac's own mouth. yeah, that would be so powerful.

11:23am- idea for a new blog: BARACK OBAMA MAY NOT BE A MUSLIM, BUT HE STILL HATES AMERICA. yeah, i gotta chew on that idea for a while

1:43pm- i have this big crush on the girl teller at the bank down the street. i think tomorrow i'm gonna tell her she looks like bristol palin.