Election 2008 Pigstick Pics a Keep on a Truckin' -- Bush and Palin Morph Into One -- Letterman Brings the Pain

Another roundup of Election Pig illustrations:

The Huffington Post's outstanding Nico Pitney makes the case that Sarah Palin might just be a prettified reincarnation of George W. Bush. (Thanks to Werner Patels' "A Dose of Common Sense" blog for finding this one.)

Dr. Zaius over at Zaius Nation takes the same Palin-Bush image-merging concept and nails it to the wall as only he can, with mad skillz:

While on Mark Halperine's "The Page" in TIME magazine, Palin flies on her lipstick to success, "amplified by a certain brouhaha involving a farm animal and cosmetics." The same Palin-obsessed issue of TIME also rejoices over "Tina Fey [dressing] up as Sarah Palin, who once dressed up as Tina Fey."

And on the subject of pig-lipstick, journalist David Seaton says, "George W. Bush is a symptom of America's decline, not its cause.  George W. Bush is a symptom of America's decline, not its cause.... My favorite example of this complexity is the theory that Rome’s decline was brought about by the lead pipe plumbing of the Roman patricians that caused their women to become infertile, thus leaving the empire without leadership cadres. Following the Roman model, Bush is Caligula’s horse."

Not to be left out, Sarah Palin herself (well, a satiric first-person spoof version of Palin) asks "Am I a Pig?" over at The Official Sarah Palin Blog: Country First, Alaska Second (Sarah-Palin.com). "Sarah" includes a photo of her favorite current President Bush....

Finally, the Right strike's back by putting some Pigstick on poor ol' Hillary, with a frightening Photoshop derring-do.

Wait, did I say, "Finally"? Well, I was just putting blogstick on this post. So two more -- a McCain-Palin "When Pigs Fly" T-Shirt from Jon Titone's Flickr photostream, and some straight-talk from David Letterman:

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buckyburro said...

Great minds think alike! (Not that that has anything to do with us, but there is some hilarious stuff in this blog.) Hope you enjoy this!
Cheers, Bucky.