McCain-Palin Election 2008 Muppets; Miss Piggy Diplomacy; and Palin's Miss Alaska Swimsuit Vid

Miss Piggy and Grump Old Man Muppet as Palin and McCain 2008

I was gonna say, "Someone put some lipstick on that damn pig!" - but then I got worried that I'd sound sexist. And besides, I've got too much respec' for the comedy talent of Miss Piggy - if she doesn't want to wear lipstick while doing her best Sarah Plain and Tall Sarah Palin impression, that's fine by me.

The image above was poached from hector.acuna's Flickr photostream. And below, Miss Piggy shows off her international diplomacy skills.

And now for Sarah Louise Heath Palin's swimsuit strut at the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant. (Yes, folks - this one is real!):

Also, artist Dan Lacey painted these new Obama and McCain Muppets up for his Faithmouse blog:

Finally, let's have a side-by-side comparison of real-life Election 2008 players versus their Muppet counterparts:

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Lipstick on pigs - and pig noses on politicians - it's photo funtime, folks

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